Morrison is a delightful mix of charming neighborhoods filled with both historic and modern homes. Are you interested in steel, glass, carriage or wood garage doors? No matter what kind of door you’re looking for, Gold Label Door will assist you in finding the perfect complement to your home’s design.

Garage Door Service & Maintenance

In ten years, a garage door will open about 15,000 times. Your garage door is the largest piece of equipment in your home that has moving parts. Due to regular wear and tear, it can stop working properly over time. Many issues can occur, including garage door springs breaking, cables fraying, and gears and rollers wearing out. The metal in door panels can also become fatigued and crack. Thankfully, Gold Label Door can take care of all these issues and more. The Gold Label Door technician will inspect your door, identify the problem and will show you any worn or damaged parts that should be serviced or replaced. You will receive a detailed parts and labor cost estimate for your approval before any work begins.

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New Garage Door Installation & Replacement

The mountain communities around Denver experience long winters. If your garage door is not insulated, you may want to replace it with an insulated door equipped with windows. If your garage is warm and lit by natural light, it will get more use, plus there’s no need to turn on the lights during the day. Insulated doors come in many styles to fit your home perfectly. Many people agree that steel doors are the most versatile and economical choice. Choosing the right door for your home is easier since steel doors are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Morrison residents are invited to visit our showroom on I-25 and El Paso Monday through Saturday during regular business hours to get a good look at the latest steel, wood, carriage and glass garage doors on the market.

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