Garage Door Repair & Maintenance Services from Gold Label Door

The garage door is one of the most complicated parts of your home or business. With constantly moving parts, sensitive electronics and a weight-bearing counter balance spring, a garage door that’s not maintained will ultimately need some sort of repair. At Gold Label Door, we are experts at all types of garage door repairs, for all brands. Contact us today to schedule regular maintenance or an emergency repair.

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Emergency Garage Door Repair

Sometimes, life just happens. If you need emergency garage door repair because someone backed into the door with their car or the spring or mechanics broke, reach out to Gold Label Door. We are on hand 24/7 and will work around your schedule to get your door repaired so you can safely leave or return to your home.

Depending on the type and extent of damage, we can fix your door the same day. If parts need to be ordered or replaced, we will help lift the door so you can get your car out of the garage until the repair has been made. If the spring is broken, please do not attempt to fix this on your own as it can be quite dangerous.

Again, if your garage door is damaged or not opening or closing properly, you can contact us anytime.

Garage Door Hardware Repair

Hardware damage can happen to any garage door if proper maintenance is not done. This includes cleaning, aligning and lubricating tracks, balancing springs and maintaining any other moving parts. The professionals at Gold Label Door are skilled at performing regular maintenance to keep your door & opener running smoothly. Contact us today to schedule your hardware maintenance.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

If you can see that your garage door spring is broken, do not attempt to fix it on your own. The torsion spring is under a lot of pressure and only a professional should service it. If your garage door spring is broken, bent or twisted, contact Gold Label Door for emergency repair.

Garage Door Repair

Mistakes happen and backing into the garage door is one of the most common accidents we see. If your garage door is bent or broken, don’t worry. Depending on the severity and location of the damage, this is usually a fairly simple repair. Contact us 24/7 and we’ll schedule a time to come inspect the damage and come up with a repair or replacement plan.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage doors can fail for a couple of different reasons. Regular maintenance of the actual lift along with the rest of the moving parts ensure that your whole system can function properly for many years to come. But in the case of a broken part or system, turn to the experts at Gold Label Door. We have almost 30 years experience repairing garage door openers so contact us today for your emergency repair or scheduled maintenance.

It should be noted that a door can still be manually opened, so if you need to open your garage door before we can service it, just pull on the red cord and manually lift the door. This will take a bit of muscle so having a few sets of hands will be helpful.

Garage Door Hardware Repair

Along with garage door selection, choosing hardware to add to your residential and commercial garage door will add efficiency and safety to your garage. There are many moving parts that keep your garage door operating. Each piece of hardware has considerations and upgrades that improve the overall functionality of the door. To learn more about hardware options, stop by our showroom to speak with a knowledgeable member of our sales team.

Contact Gold Label Door for all your regular and emergency garage door repair needs.

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