Genie offers some of the best in garage door opener safety and security available on the market today. Gold Label Door is a certified Genie retail and installation partner for the Denver metro area. Contact Gold Label Door today if you’re interested in adding a Genie garage door opener to your home or business.

About Genie

Genie started manufacturing garage door openers in American in the 1950s. They were the first in the industry to sell a mass-produced, radio-controlled residential opener. Genie was also the first company to produce direct-drive screw openers that are still sold today.

Genie Garage Door Openers

Genie offers screw drive, belt, and chain garage door openers. All Genie openers come with a secure Safe-T-Beam infrared system that senses objects in the doors path. This prevents injury and damage to both cars and people in its path.

All Genie openers also come equipped with a minimum 140-volt DC motor and an IntelliCode secure remote access security system that changes the security code each time the transmitter is activated.
Genie openers come with a standard installation procedure, executed by the pros at Gold Label Door to ensure peak performance and security.

Genie Screw Drive

For over 50 years, the Genie name has been associated with the screw drive automatic garage door opener. The screw drive lifting mechanism is also known as a direct drive system. It moves along a threaded steel rod instead of being lifted by a belt or a chain. Since screw drive openers have very few moving parts to wear out, they are known for being extremely reliable and low maintenance. Genie screw drive openers are tough, and can quickly lift even the heaviest doors. Genie’s 140 DC motor is well known for its soft stop and start. The soft stop and start feature helps reduce wear and tear on the garage door and opener. The screw drive opener is self-lubricating and under normal operating conditions will operate for years without maintenance.

Genie Belt or Chain Driven Drive

If quiet, strong performance is a high priority for you, you’ll be interested in the famous Genie 140-volt DC motor. The electric motor that lifts and lowers the door is operated by either a belt or a chain running along a rail. The enclosed C-channel rail allows flush-mounting for a clean appearance by hiding the belt or chain from view, plus it adds strength and durability. Motion detection lighting is a great option to consider, since it will enhance your garage’s security. Many Genie units offer motion detection lighting. The soft start and soft stop design is what Genie belt drives and chain drives are famous for. Call us if you have any questions about the Genie products we offer.

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