Commercial Garage Door Maintenance is an important part of any business’s maintenance routine. It is crucial that your garage door functions properly and doesn’t hinder business performance. Just like any other tool or piece of equipment that you use everyday, a yearly or quarterly “check up” is critical. At Gold Label Door, we will work with your business to schedule maintenance and repairs to ensure that your doors are functioning properly, and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Aside from emergency damage repair, we also service our clients with regular maintenance and inspections. You can schedule maintenance visits whenever is convenient for you and we will come out and provide the following service inspections.

Hardware Inspection

Our team inspects all moving and immobile parts of your door and motorsystem to ensure that each is functioning properly. We will also tighten anything that might have come loose or clean any parts that have excessive dirt and grime build up.


To ensure all moving parts of your system function smoothly, we lubricate the track and spring. This keeps the system working at the correct speed and runs quietly.

Track Maintenance

It is crucial to keep the tracks that keep rolling and sliding doors in place are clean and aligned. If slightly unaligned or jammed, the track will prevent the door from opening or closing fully.

Door Seals & Maintenance

Aside from the motor, the physical door is a very important component of your entire system. We inspect each door and seal for issues that might cause breaches in security, weather issues or might just be unsightly.

How to Maintain a Garage Door

Just like any piece of equipment, there are multiple levels of maintenance that need to be considered. There are regular, even daily, things that can be done to ensure performance and then there are longer-term repairs that will help with continued longevity of the door and motor system.


You don’t need a professional like Gold Label Door to help with some basic daily maintenance. To make sure your door is working at peak performance, the following are a few things you can do every day:

  • Ensure the track and bottom of the door are clear of debris
  • Practice basic safety checks and ensure that no parts of the door are damaged
  • Check all hardware for rust or any broken features
  • Let the door open and close completely and do not interrupt or reverse the door’s direction


Maintenance that should be performed quarterly (or 5,000 cycles if your door is used more often) which includes a safety and hardware inspection. This is to ensure that all pieces of the garage door and motor are in working order. We will also tend to any outstanding issues such as tightening any loose bolts or screws, checking and preventing cable fraying and checking for track alignment.

In addition to motor and hardware maintenance, we also inspect the door, seal and opener functions to ensure there are no security or aesthetic issues.


Once a year (or every 20,000 cycles if your door is used more often), your commercial garage door will need some more intense maintenance. This includes counterweight rebalancing and track and coil lubrication. These are both important processes to keep your garage door operating safely.

Counterweight balancing is a process that recoils the spring that acts as a counterweight to the door. This process should always be done by a professional because of the amount of torsion and pressure the spring is under. For more information about how garage door springs and counterweights work, check out this video.

Just like any other machine with moving parts, lubrication is key for peak functionality. All moving parts of the door and motor system need to move freely, but the track and spring are the most important. These parts are also prone to dust and grime build up, so keeping these parts cleaned and lubricated is key. We have the best tools and professional-grade cleaners to ensure that this process only needs to be performed once a year.

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