Gold Label Door now offers the newest technology in elevator fire safety from Cornell. The SmokeShield™ roll door is more safe and effective than traditional smoke solutions by combining elevator fire safety signs with smoke curtain technology.

This revolutionary smoke curtain positively reseals the elevator shaft after each cycle and eliminates the safety requirement of needing an elevator lobby. It’s installation and hardware is fully customizable to your design. This allows designers more creativity and saves space. It can be installed in both commercial and multi-family residential elevators.

How the SmokeShield™ Works

This new technology in rolling smoke curtains works by positively re-sealing the elevator shaft after every cycle using GuideLock™ technology. The rolling door is installed on every floor so that in the case of a fire, smoke does not travel up or down the elevator shaft and onto each individual floor. Each time the elevator is run, the SmokeShield elevator smoke curtain reseals the connection between the door and shaft to prevent any movement of smoke. This is a very important safety feature because more people are harmed by smoke in the case of a fire rather than the actual fire or burns.

How SmokeShield™ is Installed

This door is installed behind the traditional elevator door. It’s a rolling door that acts like a residential garage door and moves vertically behind the elevator door. The door guides are easily installed and can be concealed under wood, stone or drywall fascia. The hardware and closures are concealed while the exposed guide and bottom bars are fully customizable to match the exterior and door design. It’s available in a variety or customized powder coat colors or stainless anodized steel.

Eliminating the Need for an Elevator Lobby

International Building Code (IBC 3006) requires that buildings with elevators have lobbies and exterior access to the machinery. The SmokeShield™ eliminates the need for this lobby and allows designers more creativity when planning entrances and lobbies of offices and apartment buildings.

If you’re interested in installing the Cornell SmokeShield™ in your new build or existing building, contact Gold Label Door today.