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Commercial Garage Doors for Schools

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School Garage Doors - Gold Label Door

Commercial garage doors make daily business operations successful and safe. They’re perfect for receiving deliveries and storing large pieces of equipment, and these heavy-duty doors ensure that the interior of your business is secure. Schools use commercial garage doors for many of the same purposes, and when opened, they add natural light to the education environment. Let’s look at some common ways that schools use commercial garage doors.

Indoor-Outdoor Education Areas

In the early 20th century, open air classrooms were used to decrease the spread of tuberculosis in schools throughout Northern Europe and the United States. By removing walls and allowing fresh air into the classroom, germs were less likely to spread, and children remained healthy. Today, schools use a similar concept by adding garage doors to the exterior walls of their classrooms. These garage doors allow fresh air and natural light to penetrate the classroom, which promotes a healthy and engaging learning environment. 

With the addition of a commercial garage door, teachers have the benefit of a flexible classroom, where they can open up one wall for collaborative learning and create more space for lessons that require lots of movement.

Open Air Cafeterias 

Similarly, a new trend is developing where some schools have chosen to incorporate commercial garage doors on the exterior walls of their cafeterias. This allows the overhead doors to be open when the weather is nice, and they can be quickly closed when it’s cold or rainy. Large windows on the overhead door allow natural light to pour into the cafeteria when they’re closed, and when raised, the doors allow fresh air to circulate in the large interior space. The cafeteria and outdoor space are seamlessly blended so students can have the freedom to choose where they’d like to eat each day. Commercial garage doors add flexibility that’s especially nice when the school’s lunch is particularly fragrant since the administrators can open the doors to let fresh air penetrate the space and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Open air classrooms and cafeterias also minimize noise — a perk that’s often overlooked. When the overhead door is raised, voices aren’t confined to the classroom space, making the classroom a more peaceful learning environment for students and their teacher. This is especially nice for students with sensory issues and alternative learning needs.

School Deliveries

Schools operate as businesses ran by the state, and they receive a lot of shipments in order to remain in operation. Some shipments include reams of paper, books, desks, chairs and other school and office supplies. Additionally, the cafeteria receives large shipments of food and supplies needed to feed students for breakfast and lunch. With the addition of a commercial garage door, a school’s staff doesn’t have to worry about fitting large shipments through small glass doors, and it’s easy to back a delivery truck right up to your loading area.

Safety First

Commercial garage doors are known for being incredibly safe, and they keep the interior of your building secure from intruders. In addition to security from theft, overhead doors keep schools and businesses safe from fire or other emergency events. Fire-safe overhead doors are designed to close automatically when the building alarm sounds, keeping the interior — and the people inside — safe from harm. These doors meet hard-to-reach fire safety standards to ensure safety and peace of mind.

If you’d like to learn more about how commercial garage doors can benefit a school or other building, contact us today. Our experts at Gold Label Door can help you incorporate an overhead door into your building design or we can replace the one you’ve already got. Call today for a free estimate.