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Commercial Garage Doors For Food Distribution Facilities

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Food Distribution Garage Doors - Gold Label Door

Food distribution centers have unique needs that other businesses may not have to consider. When dealing with food, it’s crucial that your supplies and space are kept at a precise temperature, and that they remain bacteria and pest-free. This is in addition to typical business concerns like security, and efficiency. Let’s look at how food distribution centers use commercial garage doors to safely and effectively enhance their business operations.

Common Doors Used by Food Distribution Centers

The food industry typically uses commercial garage doors that are made of bacteria-resistant materials, and are designed to move very quickly. High-speed roll-up garage doors are a common choice for food distribution centers, since they can quickly open and close, keeping temperatures even inside the building. Many high-speed doors can open at rates of around 100 inches per second, and close at about half the speed, for safety purposes. This ensures that foods won’t be exposed to fluctuating temperatures, even when doors have to be opened for loading and unloading supplies on a consistent basis.

Rubber doors are also perfectly suited for food distribution centers. Rubber is an extremely durable material, and since overhead doors experience a lot of wear and tear, it’s the perfect long-lasting product to choose. Additionally, rubber is bacteria-resistant, making it a great choice in spaces that handle a lot of food products.

When selecting commercial garage doors for a food distribution center, it’s important to consider the following factors.


It’s important to install commercial garage doors that can open and close quickly, especially when you’ll be loading and unloading products on a regular basis. Speed, efficiency, and reliability are of paramount importance, especially when you’re handling products as essential as food. High-speed roll-up doors are the perfect solution, since they open quickly, allowing you to load food products onto a refrigerated truck quickly while minimizing temperature changes.

Temperature Control

Insulation is a major factor for any warehouse or business, but it’s especially important when food is involved. Food distribution centers require doors that can keep the interior of your business at a constant temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside. Not only will this keep your food safe from bacteria and spoilage, but it’ll also decrease your energy consumption. That means you’ll pay less each month in utilities as well. 

Pest Control

Your commercial garage door is the largest space between your business and the elements outside. That means pests like mice, rodents and insects will try their best to get inside. When it comes to food, proper pest control can leave you in violation of certain regulations, especially with the FDA. Make sure you select a commercial garage door that is properly sealed. This will help in regulating temperatures inside your building, and it’ll keep pests outside where they belong.

Increased Security

Unfortunately, mice, rodents and insects aren’t the only pests you’ll need to deter from your food distribution center. Human pests can also try their best to break into your facility, and it’s important to have proper security measures in place. Today, commercial garage doors come equipped with technology that provides added security to your business so people who belong inside are safe, and the people who don’t stay away. These security features include locks and motion detectors that can be controlled from your smart phone or other similar device at any remote location.

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