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How to Replace the Light Bulb in Your Garage Door Opener

By March 19, 2021 April 20th, 2021 No Comments

Light bulbs don’t last forever and replacing them can be a bit confusing. With a little knowledge in your tool kit, you can easily replace the light bulb in your garage door opener like a pro. Follow these steps to make sure you purchase the correct bulb and replace it safely.

What Kind of Light Bulb do I Need?

Light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be overwhelming to know whether you’re choosing the right one.  When it comes to garage door openers, you can choose between two different bulbs:

  • Standard Incandescent Light Bulb (ILB)
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Standard bulbs are the most reliable option for garage door openers and are the cheapest on the market. They’re so common, we can almost guarantee your garage door opener came with one already installed. We recommend standard bulbs as replacements for your garage door opener for many reasons. LED bulbs may be more energy efficient, but they can cause unnecessary problems that are outlined below. In order to avoid the headache, standard light bulbs are your best choice.

What About Wattage?

When replacing a light bulb, it’s also important to note the wattage that you’ll need. Most garage door openers have a sticker near the bulb that shows the maximum wattage your garage door opener can handle. Typically, most garage door openers do not exceed 100W. When purchasing a new bulb, check the packaging to make sure you’re getting one that matches what your garage door opener needs. The last thing you want to do is install a light bulb that is too powerful for your garage door opener.

How to Safely Replace the Light Bulb

Once you have a new bulb, it’s time to install it. Make sure you turn off the light switch and unplug the power source to your garage door opener if you can. Grab a ladder and set it securely underneath your garage door opener. Carefully climb up and gently pop off the plastic cover. Some garage door openers may have a few screws that need to be removed first. Once the cover is off, it’s as simple as unscrewing the old bulb and replacing it with a new one. Make sure you don’t screw the bulb on too tight — just turn the bulb until it stops rotating. Replace the cover, climb down and check your work. If done correctly, your new bulb should be shining victoriously.

A Note About LED Bulbs

As mentioned above, LED bulbs are not typically recommended for garage doors. These bulbs offer many perks including energy efficiency and increased life spans, but they can be tricky to use.

Garage door remotes use radio frequencies to communicate with your garage door. Unfortunately, LED bulbs emit a signal that can cause radio frequency interference (or RFI). Because of this, it’s not uncommon for your garage door remote to only work occasionally or if you’re right next to the garage door. Because of this, the standard recommendation is to avoid LED bulbs altogether.

If you still want to take advantage of the perks of using LED bulbs, there are a few on the market that are considered safe to use for garage door openers. Consider purchasing Liftmaster or Genie bulbs and look for the FCC compliance logo. This will assure that you’ve got the most effective LED brand for your garage door opener.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be ready if the lights go out on your garage door opener. If you find yourself stumped, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call at 303-279-7324. We’re happy to help you troubleshoot and illuminate the solution for your garage door opener.