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Commercial Garage Doors: Beyond the Warehouse

By November 15, 2022 No Comments
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It’s a well-known fact that commercial garage doors are the perfect addition to warehouses and industrial spaces, but that’s not the only place you’ll find them. Many homes and businesses use overhead doors to create unconventional indoor-outdoor spaces that provide all kinds of opportunities for functional use and decor. Let’s look at some unique ways that businesses are using commercial garage doors.

Pool Decks

Indoor pools make it possible to swim year-round in locations that experience cold temperatures in the winter. The downside is that summertime swimming indoors isn’t nearly as fun. Humidity, foggy windows and the smell of chlorine make you wish you had a way to transport your pool outdoors. Commercial garage doors make this possible by providing versatility to your enclosed space. With the addition of glass paneled overhead doors, you can enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures in winter with the doors tightly closed. Then, when summertime arrives, the doors can be opened, allowing fresh air and sunshine inside, creating a large pool deck where visitors can relax nearby.

Shops and Boutiques

Small shops and boutiques often have large front windows that are filled with items to catch the eyes of people passing by. By adding a commercial garage door, you can easily open up the front of your store, providing visibility to its interior, and creating a more welcoming space for people to look around. When it’s time to close for the day, it’s easy to lower your garage door, and you can be confident that everything inside is safe and secure.

Bars and Restaurants

From upscale dining to casual sports bars, commercial garage doors are on trend. Not only do they create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor seating areas, they add a modern vibe that’s stylish and unique. From a practical standpoint, a commercial garage door makes it easier for servers to move throughout your restaurant, and it allows natural sunlight and fresh air to permeate the space inside. Aesthetically, glass garage doors make a fine dining establishment look elegant, allowing for picturesque views of the surrounding landscape, and a modern, eclectic vibe for breweries, sports bars, and casual dining spots.

Concert Venues

Event spaces can be tricky, since the building’s size sets the stage for the capacity it can handle. Add a few commercial garage doors and your options are nearly endless. Keep the doors closed for small, intimate concerts, and keep visitors warm during the winter months. Open them up to increase your capacity for big concerts that could never be feasible otherwise. 

Many concert venues are also incorporating commercial garage doors inside as well, to conceal and reveal the stage, a kitchen, or a restaurant, to name a few.

Gyms and Yoga Studios

Gyms offer convenient climate-controlled space that’s great for working out no matter what the weather’s like outside, and for that, we’re thankful. But when the air is crisp, the breeze is cool, and the sun is shining brightly, it’s nice to take that kickboxing class outside.  Many gyms and yoga studios are taking the hint and installing overhead doors at their facilities to maximize space and accommodate all fitness enthusiasts. That way, the doors can be opened whenever the weather allows — allowing the extra perk of airing out a sometimes sweaty-smelling facility.


When you spend most of your time at work, it’s nice to have an office space that’s inspiring and comfortable. Offices are increasingly using overhead doors to allow natural light and fresh air to permeate the space, giving employees a modern ambiance that increases focus, productivity, and overall morale.

This is just a few of the ways overhead doors can be used in business across all industries. Gone are the days of keeping them contained in the warehouse niche. If you’re thinking about adding a commercial garage door to your business space, contact us at Gold Label Door. We’d love to help you modernize your business.