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8 Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your Garage

By May 23, 2022 No Comments
How to keep rodents out of your garage - Gold Label Door

An adult mouse can wiggle its way into a space as small as a dime, and they’re very good at finding them. If your garage is filled with alluring items for pests or if you’ve got small cracks and holes that they can access, you may find yourself with a new tenant that gnaws, nests and makes an enormous mess. Follow these steps to keep rodents out of your garage so your belongings are safe and your space stays clean.

1. Seal Gaps Near the Floor

Make sure your garage door is completely flush with the floor when it’s closed. If there’s even a tiny gap, you’ll not only invite rodents inside, but you can end up with rainwater, melted snow and leaves blowing into your garage. This gap can cause your electric bill to increase as your furnace or a/c works overtime to keep your house comfortable. The best solution is to install a new seal if yours has worn out. This is a pretty easy DIY project and supplies are available at your local home improvement store.

2. Check Windows and Doors

If your garage has windows or doors, check for gaps, cracks or holes around their perimeters. Small openings can be easily filled with steel wool and caulk and larger spaces may need to be sealed with metal sheeting or cement. Make sure you seal every space so rodents don’t have a way inside.

3. Take Out the Trash

It may be tempting to keep your garbage in the garage, especially if it’s connected to your home, but this is a great way to invite pests inside. Take a few extra steps to put your garbage and recycling outside in a tightly sealed bin, so rodents don’t smell a reason to snoop around your garage.

4. Keep Things Tidy

If you’ve got bird seed, grass seed, or dog food in your garage, make sure they’re in tightly sealed containers. Rodents will happily tear holes into bags to feast on the contents inside, and they’ll cause a tremendous mess in the process. Do a quick inventory of the items in your garage and seal any containers that may entice pests to explore.

5. Keep the Door Closed

An open garage door is an open invitation for rodents and other pests in the neighborhood to come inside. Avoid leaving the garage door partially open for your pets to come and go – because you may end up with a few unwanted guests.

6. Prune Tree Branches

Keep your trees pruned around the roof of your garage so there aren’t any overhanging branches. Rodents have been known to climb trees and find their way inside a garage from exclusive rooftop access if homeowners make it possible for them.

7. Clean Up Your Landscaping

Mice love messy spaces, and if your landscaping has been neglected, they’ll nest inside. Keep pests away by clearing away leaves, garbage and other debris from your landscaping. It will look much nicer and rodents won’t be tempted to explore near your home.

8. Store Firewood Outside

A woodpile is a great place for a rodent to hang out and build a nest, so keep yours away from your garage and home. Consider piling your wood off of the ground as well. This will make it more difficult for pests to access your wood and it will also keep the bottom layer from rotting away.

If you’ve tried all of these steps and you’ve still got a problem with pests in your garage, we’re happy to help. Contact us at Gold Label Door and we’ll help you with all of your garage door problems.