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6 Commercial Garage Door Issues and How to Fix Them

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Fixing Common Commercial Garage Door Issues

Commercial garage doors are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that open and close multiple times each day. Business owners rely on their commercial garage doors to conduct business, and if something goes wrong, troubleshooting the problem can be frustrating and time-consuming. Frequent use puts strain on these garage doors, and even the most durable equipment can experience problems. Let’s look at some of the most common commercial garage door issues and how you can fix them.

1. Remote Control Issues

If your remote control stops working, but the garage door is opening and closing just fine, it’s probably a simple fix. Replace the batteries, and reprogram your remote. Another common reason that you can lose remote function, or distance, is the usage of LED bulbs in or near the operator. Replace with incandescent or garage door rated LED bulbs. If that doesn’t fix your issue, you may need to replace your remote control. Until your remote control is repaired, you can open and close your garage door by using the button inside, or you lift and lower your door manually.

2. Torsion Spring Problems

If your commercial garage door isn’t opening properly, or if it’s crooked as it moves along the track, you may need to have the torsion spring replaced. This repair can be very dangerous, so don’t try to tackle it yourself. Your garage door’s torsion spring is under tremendous pressure, and it’s used to help lift and lower the garage door. Call a professional to safely replace your torsion spring, so your garage door will continue to work properly.

3. Worn or Damaged Rollers

Garage door rollers work hard each day moving up and down their tracks to lift and lower your heavy door. Over time, they can become worn out and damaged. When this happens, you may notice your garage door shaking as it moves. To keep your rollers in good working condition, lubricate them with a silicone-based product and make sure the tracks are free from debris. Conservatively lubricated rollers in the bearing section where the roller meets the stem. Avoid using any lubrication on the track as it will capture debris. If you notice a worn-out roller, call a professional to come out. They’ll be able to quickly fix the issue.

4. Worn or Damaged Cables

A broken or worn-out cable can cause your commercial garage door to squeak and shake, and it may stop working altogether. These cables help the torsion spring to effectively lift and lower your garage door, and if the cables aren’t working properly, your garage door is putting a lot of pressure on other parts. That means you should replace your cables as soon as you notice a problem. Cable issues are among the most dangerous repairs on a garage door. Cables should only be handled by professionals.

5. Damaged Section

Commercial garage doors are expensive to replace, so if your door gets damaged, you may be able to replace one section or panel. Damage like this usually occurs from a vehicle or other heavy piece of equipment that comes in contact with your garage door. Before replacing a section, it’s important to weigh your options. Replacing a section is much less expensive than purchasing a garage door. However, a new garage door will come with a warranty that can save you money in the long run.

6. Misalignment

Garage doors operate by moving on metal tracks. When the tracks get out of alignment — even just a little bit — your garage door won’t work properly. Sometimes this can be caused by corrosion or by a damaged panel. If you notice gaps between the metal, or if they become bent, call a professional right away. A misaligned track can cause extensive problems if it’s not repaired right away.

If your commercial garage door isn’t working properly, or if you’d like to have it inspected, contact us today. Regular maintenance on commercial doors is advisable to take care of problems before they leave a door inoperable. Talk with your technician to assess frequency of preventative maintenance advised for a door’s usage and needs.

Our experts at Gold Label Door can help you diagnose any problem that pops up, and we’ll be happy to make the needed repairs. Since 1991, our company has been dedicated to serving the greater Denver area, and we make it our mission to never have an unhappy customer.