Arvada, Colorado
Garage Door Service & Installation

Gold Label Door’s 17,000 square foot office, showroom and warehouse has its location in unincorporated Denver, right next to Arvada. Please drop by our showroom to see the very latest in garage door products if you are in the market for a brand-new garage door installation.

gold label door has been serving arvada colorado garage doors since 1991

Arvada Garage Door Service & Repairs

Arvada is the perfect combination of new and older neighborhoods and was incorporated in 1951. If it’s time to upgrade your current home’s garage doors or if you’re building or moving into a new home, it’s time to call Gold Label Door. Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our hard-working garage doors until they break. If you’re in need of garage door repairs, choose the largest and most trusted garage door service and repair company in Arvada, Colorado. Call Gold Label Door now.

Broken garage door springs are the most common issue homeowners must deal with when they find that their garage door is not working properly. These important garage door springs counterbalance the weight of the heavy door so it’s easy to open and close. The force that lifts your garage door is provided by the torsion springs. The cycle life of a garage door spring reveals how many times the garage door should open and close before the spring wears out and breaks. If your garage door is opened three times a day for ten years, you will need a minimum 10,000 cycle rated spring. Arvada homeowners can be confident that Gold Label Door uses only the highest quality torsion springs so their garage doors will open and close easily for years to come.

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New Garage Doors Arvada

When a car hits and damages a garage door beyond repair, it’s time for the door to be replaced. This issue is actually one of the most common reasons Arvada homeowners need garage door replacement. As long as you’re replacing your garage door anyway, why not install a modern door that is attractive and will increase the functionality of your garage? An insulated garage door with windows makes a garage warmer and brighter, saves energy and adds beautifully to your home’s curb appeal. Please drop by the Gold Label Door showroom to ask questions and get fresh ideas for your home. Our friendly and experienced service representatives will be more than happy to walk you through the garage door selection process, one step at a time.

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