Broken Garage Door Spring

Since the average American garage door opens and shuts over 1500 times a year, a broken garage door torsion spring is one of the most common reasons garage doors stop working. Our technicians at Gold Label Door are experienced garage door spring replacement experts.

broken garage door torison spring

If your torsion spring looks like the one in the picture, it is broken. Attempting to replace a garage door spring can be dangerous because of the torque in a wound torsion spring or the stretch in an extended extension spring. Many well-meaning homeowners have experienced serious injuries or worse when trying to replace a spring or other parts that tie in to the spring system because they did not understand the powerful forces at work. Gold Label Door matches the new torsion springs to the weight of the door so that when the old springs are replaced, the correct amount of counter balance is provided. The right balance between spring torque and door weight creates smooth, quiet and efficient garage door operation. Call 303-279-7234 and ask for the spring replacement professionals at Gold Label Door.